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i have an other question:

If i look in the Mouser electronic shop i see, that the zedboard is associated with digilent and you Show on https://store.digilentinc.com/zedboard-zynq-7000-arm-fpga-soc-development-board/ the board. Why do you have no support on https://reference.digilentinc.com/reference/software/petalinux/start

for the zedboard?

Thank you...

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is the zedboard a product from digilent?

Who is "AVNET"?

You know my uio issue, i asked the same question on the Xilinx Forum. The answers i got say, that my Code is looking good, but there is one difference that i should check.

I ask them what board they are using, and one of them told me, that he uses a zedboard. From my Point of view - at this Moment - the zedboard is the only board which Supports the needed funtionality.

It is surely not the same if i use your BSP or if i use "petalinux-create" to create a defaults based configuration. But it can not be usefull if i'am not able to create an own design. The Slogan "Arty is for makers [...]" seems not to be true.

I saw, that you creates a 2017.4 BSP. I will test it after the easter Holidays. For your info: I Need only four hours to create my Project, i guess that you Need only two hours. Why can't you proof the issue with your informations you have. You see, that i have all needed parts developed but the uio-interrupt functionality is not working.

If something unknown is the reason and this could not be solved - what ever - then i would not put the blame on you. I only Need an answer, because i have limited time and limited resources and i trust your PR!


Thank you...

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