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Multiple AXI memory mapped busses on IP core




     I'm trying to install a module driver in my petalinux rootfs for using on zedboard. I configured an IP core for PL, which has two AXI memory mapped ports (pic1). Now, for using my driver which is responsible for communications with my IP core, i need to know the conversions from phisical addresses to virtual addresses made by kernel.

At installation i see just one conversion (S00 is Lite and S01 is Full) :

root@avnet-digilent-zedboard-2017_2:/lib/modules/4.9.0-xilinx-v2017.2/extra# insmod driver-mihaiv1.ko 
[ 1324.279333] <1>Hello module world.
[ 1324.282663] <1>Module parameters were (0xdeadbeef) and "default"
[ 1324.289030] driver-mihaiv1 43c00000.accHW: Device Tree Probing
[ 1324.294839] driver-mihaiv1 43c00000.accHW: no IRQ found
[ 1324.299993] driver-mihaiv1 43c00000.accHW: driver-mihaiv1 at 0x43c00000 mapped to 0xe09c0000


In pics you can see the phisical adresses for my IP core. As i see, just the first phisical adress has a virtual conversion <0x43c00000 to 0xe09c0000>.

Has anyone met this problem?

Screenshot from 2017-07-19 18-48-44.png

Screenshot from 2017-07-19 18-49-04.png

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