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Petalinux not booting/working on Arty-Z7-20.

Jay Patel


Hello  sir

We purchased "Arty-Z7-20" a few weeks ago.

We are trying to boot a project using the petalinux.

We have followed the manual given in the below links.





But the Arty-Z7-20 board didn't get booted via jtag or SD card.

We have also followed steps provided on belowed github, but it won't work..




Output while running boot command shown below,

'$ petalinux-boot --jtag --prebuilt 3 --hw_server-url TCP:'

INFO: Sourcing build tools
WARNING: Will not program bitstream on the target. If you want to program bitstream,
WARNING: please run petalinux-package --prebuilt to put the bitstream to the prebuilt directory,
WARNING: or use --fpga --bitstream option to specify a bitstream.
INFO: Append dtb - /home/harshil/FPGA/Project_Petalinux/project_linux/pre-built/linux/images/system.dtb and other options to boot zImage
INFO: Launching XSDB for file download and boot.
INFO: This may take a few minutes, depending on the size of your image.
rlwrap: warning: your $TERM is 'xterm-256color' but rlwrap couldn't find it in the terminfo database. Expect some problems.: Inappropriate ioctl for device
INFO: Downloading ELF file: /home/harshil/FPGA/Project_Petalinux/project_linux/pre-built/linux/images/zynq_fsbl.elf to the target.               
INFO: Downloading ELF file: /home/harshil/FPGA/Project_Petalinux/project_linux/pre-built/linux/images/u-boot.elf to the target.                                          
INFO: Loading image: /home/harshil/FPGA/Project_Petalinux/project_linux/pre-built/linux/images/system.dtb at 0x00100000                                                  
INFO: Loading image: /home/harshil/FPGA/Project_Petalinux/project_linux/pre-built/linux/images/uImage at 0x00200000                                                      
INFO: Loading image: /home/harshil/FPGA/Project_Petalinux/project_linux/pre-built/linux/images/rootfs.cpio.gz.u-boot at 0x04000000                                      
INFO: Loading image: /home/harshil/FPGA/Project_Petalinux/project_linux/pre-built/linux/images/boot.scr at 0x03000000                                                    
INFO: SOC Silicon version is 3.1.

Edited by Jay Patel
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