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XADC Simulation of Sine wave



I want to see the digitalized output with sine wave analog input using xadc wizard. But I am not obtaining sine wave output instead I get a constant output. I have attached the image of the simulation output. The design.txt file is the analog stimulus file stored as example file in xadc.


`timescale 1ns / 1ps
module xtest_tb;
wire [15 : 0] di_in;
wire [6 : 0] daddr_in;
wire den_in;
wire dwe_in;
wire drdy_out;
wire [15 : 0] do_out;
reg dclk_in;
reg reset_in;
wire vp_in;
wire vn_in;
wire [4 : 0] channel_out;
wire eoc_out;
wire alarm_out;
wire eos_out;
wire busy_out;

forever #5 dclk_in=~dclk_in;

#200 reset_in=1'b0;
x_test DUT (
  .di_in(16'b0),                              // input wire [15 : 0] di_in
  .daddr_in({{2{1'b0}},channel_out}),                        // input wire [6 : 0] daddr_in
  .den_in(eoc_out),                            // input wire den_in
  .drdy_out(drdy_out),        // output wire drdy_out
  .do_out(do_out),            // output wire [15 : 0] do_out
  .dclk_in(dclk_in),          // input wire dclk_in
  .reset_in(reset_in),        // input wire reset_in
  .vp_in(),              // input wire vp_in
  .vn_in(),              // input wire vn_in
  .channel_out(channel_out),  // output wire [4 : 0] channel_out
  .eoc_out(eoc_out),          // output wire eoc_out
  .alarm_out(alarm_out),      // output wire alarm_out
  .eos_out(eos_out),          // output wire eos_out
  .busy_out(busy_out)        // output wire busy_out



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I am using Nexys-4 DDR Board. I found out what the problem was. The design.txt file did not have enough data points to simulate a sinusoidal signal so, I copied it from the example project into my project and was able to get the desired waveforms.



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