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  1. Could you please let me have your forgotten code. Is the code is a file named as design.txt? How to add the file to you simulation?
  2. I am using Nexys4 DDR board and Vivado 2018.2 on two windows 10 PC. One of them runs Windows10 version 2004 and another with version 20H2. Vivado is working fine with both PC, but the cable driver doesn't work on the PC with Version 2004. Does Vivado compatible with Windows 10 Version 2004?
  3. For connection of ZedBoard to Windows 7 PC, yesterday I did try to install Cypress driver but didn't see any success. I submitted a reply and go to bed, today morning I turned on my Windows 7 PC and ZedBoard. A new COM port showing up on Device Manager to my big surprize (see attached). Blank.docx Blank1.docx
  4. As I connected my ZedBoard (Rev F), my Windows 10 (20H2) PC automatically created a COM3. The serial communication is working fine without the hassle of driver problem. I followed up with the Getting Started Guide.pdf (version 1.3). Linux is booting up OK. Running all 7 Demo's smoothly. The Demo 6 requires an USB thumb drive connected to J13. This is where the Male Micro-B to Female Standard-A cable to be used. Connection to Windows 7 (sp1) still doesn't working. Windows 7 has a physical COM1. I tried to install Cypress driver, expecting to create another virtual com port, so far no success. I found an answer by Kevin Keryk to Jacob Guttman dated 2015-7-15. He had downloaded CypressDriverInstaller_0.exe and solved the problem. Now it is 2021, there is no longer CypressDriverInstaller_0.exe on Cypress website. How can I follow Kevin Keryk’s solution?
  5. I bought the ZedBoard from element 14. In a few days as I was searching for related information, I got to Avnet, then www.zedboard.com, final to Digilent. The four resources make me confused. By the way another stupid question. Two USB cables were shipped with the ZedBoard. They are used to connect the ZedBoard to PC. One of the USB cable is Male Micro-B to Female Standard-A. The micro_B is to connect J14 or J17, the other end is supposed to connect PC. All USB jacks on PC are female, I have to find an unusual male-to-male USB cable to make the connection. Is the vender provided a wrong USB cable? I made the concetion from J14 to an Windows 10 PC and the device manager is shown in the attached Figure. Before connection no port(COM LPT) on the device manager, but the connection triggered the the port. I am lookig for the Cypress driver for WIN 10, please help to find the right one.
  6. I just bought my ZedBoard (REV F). Following ZedBoard Getting Started Guide (Version 7.0), I connected J14 to a Windows 7 64-bit PC with USB cable. Inspecting the device manager from PC, nothing is added to the COM port. The device manager is showing Cypress-USB2UART-Ver1.0G as "other element". I am unable to install Cypress driver to it. What is wrong with me? Need help.
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