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ZYBO 7Z-20 bsp for 2020.1 or 2020.2



Hi! I'm in process of migration of my project from 2019.1 to 2020.1 because of HLS upgrades. At some point it became clear that Linux running on this board will be the next logical step. But as far as I found there is support for very old 2017.4, and even 2019.1 is not listed as supported PetaLinux bsp. Depending on the major changes in HLS I really want to proceed with the latest available options from Xilinx tools. So do you have plans to update the Zybo PetaLinux BSP for 2020.x soon? Even some beta version bsp will be good enough at this time it available, if I can create project and boot Linux on ZYBO.

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You can try to create new bsp yourself. I have done it with Eclypse-Z7, but without ZMOD support...

petalinux-create -t project -n zybo20202 --template zynq

petalinux-config --get-hw-description=/location/to/.xsa

<configure project, defaults should be ok for minimal system, or change boot to sd-card>

<add device-tree files from previous versions....>



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@NewBee, thank you for your answer. I have done this already (Vivado 2020.2). The design includes HDMI in/out with updated dvi2rgb and rgb2dvi IPs, so now they are compatible with the newer Vivado versions.

This design (zVP-Lnx) is based on other design (zVP) with only one difference - zVP uses 1 VDMA for HDMI in/out, while zVP-Lnx uses 2 separate VDMA - one for write (HDMI in) and one for read (HDMI out). Nothing else is different. zVP is tested with bare metal code and is working perfectly when started from debug session. I expect the same for zVP-Lnx, but to be honest - I didn't tested it in this way.

So I have zVP-Lnx up and running - fsbl, u-boot and kernel. But my kernel panic within xvtc_probe (I can copy/paste the exact error later today). My first thought was about something related to reset signals and/or dts clock description. But so far I can't find anything out of ordinary, and as I noted it will work with bare-metal code. So my hope was to cross-check with some newer version of base linux design provided from digilent which I use as reference (2017.4) and to be able to locate the problem. Well, I'm stuck here...

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