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  1. sf write source_RAM_address destination_QSPI_FLASH_address length_in_bytes So qspi dose not have over 268435456 bytes of memory for zybo-z7. (16 MB Quad-SPI Flash)
  2. Are you using microblaze or zynq petalinux template? You did not provide enough information to properly specify the issue you are having. If you are using microblaze first thing to look for should be the fsbl messages (by enabling debug).
  3. You should lock into device tree binding: /* * See Documentation/devicetree/bindings/dma/xilinx/xilinx_frmbuf.txt * to find the equivalent DRM fourcc code for the format selected in * the Frame Buffer Reader, then see See include/uapi/drm/drm_fourcc.h * to find the corresponding 4-char string that should be placed here. */ xlnx,vformat = "XR24"; Change according to your kernel version.
  4. What have you tried? What issues have you encounter? The process is documented here https://docs.amd.com/r/2023.1-English/ug1144-petalinux-tools-reference-guide/petalinux-boot-jtag-Options
  5. Do you have a dhcp or use static ip? why a broadcast address is used for GW?
  6. Did you recognized the data or you were expecting to be filled with zeros instead of random data? If there is still a issue check this <for 32-bit Cortex-A9 Zynq>: https://xilinx-wiki.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/A/pages/18841683/Linux+Reserved+Memory Also you can try to reserve a different section of memory.
  7. 1. check if BOOT.BIN contains al needed binaries: petalinux-package --boot --fpga --fsbl --u-boot --force 2. Try connect early to console to view fsbl messages if any. 3. make sure you umount partitions before you unplug the sdcard (everything was written to the boot partition)
  8. It looks like the u-booot is working just fine you can check by pressing a key when this message is shown during boot: Also this message: Leads me to think that there is either some issues with the u-boot image(FIT) or the control was already passed to the loaded kernel and the kernel device-tree or cmdline arguments are not ok to setup the console (BAUD RATE or console settings).
  9. There is no meta-digilent layer to add a machine conf for Genesys ZU 3EG You can construct your own layer machine conf base on meta-xilinx-core/conf/machine/zynqmp-eg-generic.conf
  10. This line most likely means that file rpu_app_r5_0 was not find in /lib/firmware/ are you sure the file to be place there is an .elf and not a plain binary file? Note: the remoteproc0 is looking for rpu_app_5_0 not searching for file rpu_app_r5_0.elf
  11. From the size diference it looks like the bitstream was not included. Use --fpga for package command: `petalinux-package --boot --fsbl --fpga --u-boot --force`
  12. fnInitZmod is declared in reg.h and defined in reg.c the linker is not finding the .so|.o file for the reg.c
  13. If there is no edited log how do you know is failing? it just means that there in no output to the console. branch `3eg/oob/next` is not stable and is prone to changes use `3eg/oob/master` or `3eg/master` for default settings .
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