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PMOD DHB1 - no output



Hello, I'm new to this form, looking for some help with the Dual H bridge PMOD DHB1.


I connected my power supplier to J4, my motors to J5 and J6.  I have a custom IP that uses switches to drive motor speed with most significant bits of a duty cycle for PWM output at 2kz. I also have 2 switches connected to the DIR1 and DIR2 respectively.  I also have button 3 connected to a reset condition to initialize code, inputs and outputs. To help debug, I connected the EN1 and EN2 output of the custom IP to the board LEDs to confirm that the signals are working correctly. I also checked the voltage at EN1 and appears to be doing what I expect. However, I do not have any motor actuation. I checked the voltage at the J4 = 8V, but neither J5 or J6 have any voltage differential between M+ and M-. I checked the sleep and fault pins they are both high, which is normal behavior as they are pulled low when in sleep or faulted state. 

Any advice on what I can do to find an issue would be appreciated.


Thanks, Dave 

block design.png



PMOD DHB1 pinout.png

PMOD DHB1 schematic .png


Hbridgecode (1)

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update to Hbridge PWM code
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Hello, @DaveG! I'll go pinpoint some observations that might help you with your issue:

1. I don't see the IP Digilent provides in your design. In order for Pmod DHB1 to correctly work you should use the IP provided by Digilent. Here is the tutorial for general Digilent IP usage. If you have actually followed the tutorial please tell mention this.

2. The source code files you attached cannot be opened. Could you please provide them so that we could open them?

3. Here you can find a reference project with something similar.

Good luck!


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