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On the fly fractals.


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I've got my new fractal viewer up and running on the new Nexys Video board.

I'm just about to upload the source and a .bit file to http://hamsterworks.co.nz/mediawiki/index.php/Mandelbrot_NG_1080i

It does not use any frame buffer - each pixel is completely recalculated every time it is displayed, allowing for super-smooth zooms and pans.

Some highlights

- Generates video DVI-D at 1080i. It is pretty hard to find examples of how to do 1080i properly.

- Outputting over DVI-D, Although it can support 24-bit colour, however for the moment I am just using 64 different ones, as it aids debugging.

- Does not use any IP except an unsigned 17x17 multiplier (because it wouldn't infer properly)

- Each pixel spends 2,106 cycles going through the calculation pipeline before being sent to the display,

- Uses 'only' 540 DSP blocks because when I used more it caused the board to reset itself, so the chip is capable of about 30% more math.

- The heatsink gets a little warm...

- Currently processes down to iteration 162. I'ld like it to go higher but must solve why it is resetting itself

- You have the option of moving some of the DSP multipliers into LUTs, which allows you to calculate 'deeper' at the expense of power usage.

- Performs about 120 billion 36-bit operations per second

I've also got a 720p version, and a 640x480 that calculates three times as 'deep' per pixel, but that doesn't have the magical 1920x1080 resolution. :)

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