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Install driver petalinux - not seen both interfaces




    I installed also petalinux 2015.4 (beside 2017.2) in the scope of solveing my problem, but without success. I want to integrate a kernel driver into petalinux rootfs to comunicate with an PL block which has 2 interfaces (lite interface and full interface - both memory mapped). When i created the module into petalinux, i let the code as it was generated..just i overwrote the ".compatible" section with the comptabile section from pl.dtsi(in my case <xlnx,accHW-1.0>)

   At insmod it doesn't output both conversions (phisical to virtual adresses). It shows just the conversion for the lite interface (0x43c0 0000 to 0xe09a 0000).

root@Avnet-Digilent-ZedBoard-2015_4:/lib/modules/4.0.0-xilinx/extra# insmod driv
[   95.237408] <1>Hello module world.
[   95.240737] <1>Module parameters were (0xdeadbeef) and "default"
[   95.246938] driver-mihai 43c00000.accHW: Device Tree Probing
[   95.252540] driver-mihai 43c00000.accHW: no IRQ found
[   95.257580] driver-mihai 43c00000.accHW: driver-mihai at 0x43c00000 mapped to 0xe09a0000

What i have to change in driver code to see both conversions ? Or where can i see them ?

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