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Boot a PetaLinux Image on Hardware with SD Card




     I want to boot a petalinux image on hardware(zedboard) with sd card. I followed this guide, and in page 31 it says that i have to copy the files BOOT.BIN and image.ub into a FAT32 partion on sdcard. I power on the board and linked to it with teraterm. I expect to boot the petalinux image but without success. I set JP9 and JP10 on 3,3V for sdcard boot mode.

Can anyone help me ?



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Hi @mihai5,

Here is the resource page and hereis the reference manual for the zedboard. Here is an instructable on installing petalinux on either the zybo or the zedboard( done in vivado/petalinux 2015.4). We currently are supporting Vivado/petulinux 2015.4 and have not yet moved to a newer version of Vivado/petulinux. Here are some projects for the zedboard on the zedboard.org website that use petalinux.



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