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Programmer for Coolrunner II

Simon Koops

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I'm looking for a JTAG programmer for a Coolrunner II for our production department. We are not doing a lot of programming but we want to do it ourselfs.

My board has the 2x7 pin adaptor

I used the Xilinx Platform Cable USB II during development, but I cant make it run on windows without a virtual machine for ISE. I would like to use Digilent Adept Software for programming.

The JTAG-HS2 and HS3 don't seem to support CPLD (according to the description)

It looks like the XUP USB-JTAG Programming Cable is the only option for CPLDs but only works with Xilinx software which doesn't work on current and future windows versions.

Please tell me if there is a solution for my problem.

Best regards


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Hi @Simon Koops,

Unfortunately, there really isn't one outside of getting the XUP USB JTAG programming to work on newer Windows. There are a number threads discussing this:

However, the XUP USB JTAG does work on Windows 10, though it's been a few years since I've specifically tested this out.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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