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Run embedded OS on Zedboard



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Hi @Zedboard,

Digilent doesn't have a lot of direct materials for loading your own OS (non-Petalinux) onto Zynq based boards.

Probably the best guide I can offer is this old guide Digilent made around 10 years ago that I happened to find while doing some research, though I have not gone through this guide myself: https://digilent.com/reference/_media/zedboard_gswel_guide.pdf (the referenced ramdisk is in the Out-of-box demo in the Additional Resources on the Zedboard Resource Center: https://digilent.com/reference/programmable-logic/zedboard/start#additional_resources).

This guide with Yocto may also be of interest to you: https://github.com/dwjbosman/yocto_zedboard.



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