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BSP file for ZyboZ7 (Petalinux 2022.2)




I'm working on a custom PCB with a Zynq XC7Z010, the harware to some extent has been copied from the ZyboZ7.

I could produce the petalinux bootable image and access the OS via serial interface.

I have problems in creating SPI drivers, unfortunately there is no bsp available for petalinux 2022.2 and I guess something is missing.

Do you know if a bsp for Petalinux 2022.2 would be made available?

Thank you,





I follow the configurations steps to enable the SPI drivers in the petalinux Kernel: Cadence SPI controller, Xilinx SPI controller common module, Xilinx Zynq QSPI controller and User mode SPI device driver support are all enabled on the kernel configuration menu.

I finally add in the system-user.dtsi the settings:

&spi0 {

is-decoded-cs = <0>;

num-cs = <1>;

status = "okay";

spidev@0x00 {

compatible = "spidev";

spi-max-frequency = <1000000>;

reg = <0>;



SPI0 is enabled in the Zynq and for the corresponding MIO pins.



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Hi @SIE,

We do not have any Petalinux materials available for 2022.2 at this time; the most recent one is for Petalinux 2022.1. You can find the links to all of our releases that we have on the Zybo Z7 Petalinux page here: https://digilent.com/reference/programmable-logic/zybo-z7/demos/petalinux.

However, I do not think a 2022.2 bsp will be created by Digilent, at least based on the current list of releases (2020.1, 2021.1, 2022.1).


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