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loading Image Kernel



Hello everyone;

I am trying to boot Linux on Zybo using this tutorial:


I have load Boot,bin, devicetree.dtb uImage and uramdisk.image intor fat32 partition of my 16 Gb sd card. size of uramdisk.image is around 5 Mb.

when I boot the Linux, I have the problem like this, BAD DATA CRC


Do you have any experience on that ?

is the size of kernel correct?


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No, it is an actual error.  The error indicates that uboot was unable to load a kernel image.  You can track the problem through uboot's common/bootm.c function.  If you are building your own uboot, then feel free to sprinkle puts() calls throughout the operation to see what is going on.  My guess is that either your kernel is in the wrong format, or that uboot is trying to pick something other than your kernel to build from.


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