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Compiling custom module exported from Vivado for Zybo z7 10.


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Hello, I am having problems trying to compile custom module exported from Vivado to petalinux on Zybo z7-10.

All tools are from 2022.1 build.


Steps I have performed so far:

1) Used Vivado to generate a custom IP and added it to the block design as per UG1165 Chapter 7.

2) Exported blink.h, blink.c, design.xsa and system.bit files from Vivado.

1) Made and SD card with 2 partitions as described in UG1144.

2) Created a template project with --get-hw-description.

3) Added template module via petalinux-create -t modules --name blink --enable

4) Changed project-spec/meta-user/recipes-modules/blink/blink.bb to include blink.h

5) Copied blink.h from vivado to /files/ and changed blink.c (autogenerated) by adding #include "blink.h"

6) Tried to modify makefile to compile but failed as when I do petalinux-build I either get : missing xil_types.h error during compilation OR it compiles with warning "modules.symvers not found" but the module doesn't show with "modprobe blink" when connected via terminal (nor shows in unpacked rootfs)


Note: when I compile a template project with a template module, and upload it onto the SDcard, then my board responds to "modprobe blink", however I would like to be able to use PL from vivado as a driver in linux.


I want to do a simple project where I can use linux driver to blink PL connected LEDs, please help.

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changed blinkplus reference to blink to avoid confusion
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Here are the steps I did to work around this issue:


1) Changed petalinux auto-generated makefile to include these lines:

INC_XILT = $(shell find ../../../work/zynq_generic-xilinx-linux-gnueabi/fsbl-firmware/*/git/fsbl-firmware/fsbl-firmware/zynq_fsbl_bsp/ps7_cortexa9_0/include -prune)

INC_STDI = $(shell find ../../../work/zynq_generic-xilinx-linux-gnueabi/u-boot-xlnx/*/git/include -prune)



2) Added this bit to blink.h file:

#include <xil_types.h>
#ifndef char8
typedef char char8;
#include <xstatus.h>


Assuming that your original blink.c is petalinux auto-generated file with the #include "blink.h" line from vivado auto-generated file.



1) INC_XILT = $(...) and INC_STDI = $(...) are two paths to xil_types.h and stdio.h (a file required by xil_types.h). These paths are sent to compiler via -I flag for the compiler to search for these files. These paths are also made through $(shell find ... -prune) as one of the folders marked with * is an auto-generated folder that will change based on petalinux tool version.



#ifndef char8
typedef char char8;

For some reason char8 is conditionally defined in xil_types.h file, and the condition is false (otherwise you get even more errors), hence this piece of code tries to define char8 again. It is done with #ifndef to make sure that it is somewhat compatible with other releases of petalinux.



I haven't tested what would happen if the <proj folder>/build/tmp/work/zynq_generic-xilinx-linux-gnueabi/fsbl-firmware or u-boot-xlnx have multiple folders, returning multiple variables to the "shell find" command, but I assume whoever comes looking for this answer will have only one.


P.S. Outlined steps seem like a workaround rather than an actual solution.

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