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custom IP working in Petalinux



I am working with ZedBoard. I have created a custom IP using Vivado for my project. I have tested the working of my custom IP by setting the registers using "Xil_Out32 function (Xilinx SDK baremetal application)" . I have also stored output data of my custom IP to text file on the SD card (using xilffs).
Now my objective is to create a petalinux project and implement similar functions(how I have used in baremetal).
I dont know how to use Xil_out and xilffs library functions in petalinux. According to my understanding these are specifiaclly used in baremetal application. (in Xilinx SDK).

It would be great for me if someone guide me for creating petalinux project application my project.

Thanks and regards

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The user guide(UG1144) for petaliunx is a good starting point. And start with creating a new project. Also this may help https://xilinx-wiki.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/A/pages/18842250/PetaLinux

Or using this project for ZedBoard. However since you have a custom IP you may need to change various aspects of the project like the device tree and creating a custom kernel driver for your IP or a using uio for a driver in user-space.

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