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ZYBO BSP old version

Muhammed Kawser Ahmed


Can you say me why zybo didnot update the bsp version of zyboz7 board ? I see that they have only 2017 version . My petalinux version is 2018.3 and vivado is 2018.3 . So it giving me error failed to generate the rootfs while building project in the petalinux . It also says that No such file or directory. I search many forums and find that this is the problem with the bsp version. Does anyone know how use the 2017 zybo bsp with higher version of petalinux ?

I used this commads

petalinux-create -t project -s /home/kawser/PetaLInux/zybo.bsp
petalinux-config --get-hw-description /home/kawser/PetaLInux/

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Digilent would need to create and release a different version of the build in order for the BSP projects to work on different versions of Petalinux. I do not know when this will be done, though considering the past history of similar questions on our Forum, I wouldn't anticipate on this being done soon.


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