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Hi, my name is Pietro Pizzo and in our company we develop test stands for hydraulic systems. We are starting using MCC products, in particular acquisition boards like the USB-231, USB1608 and USB-1808. I hope this forum can support us.

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Hi everyone. My name’s Paul and I'm based in the UK. I work in a small company doing industrial research with FPGAs. Started off as an absolute beginner a few years ago — trying to drive the serial UART on an Arty S7 — but now I’m trying to build more complex things with a Genesys 2 board. I use the Clash language quite a lot.

Mostly I’m self-taught, so I’m here hoping that next time I’m trying to make sense of a new topic, I can post a question and people can share some of their advice and experiences.

Looking forward to meeting people.

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Hi All,

My name is Kerryn,

I'm more of a c-programmer, but understand that FPGA is what I need for anything like an encoder input and other high speed hardware bits you want to offload from the main CPU, so I'm interested in it for things like that.

I'm starting my FPGA learning experience with the Cmod A7-35   with bare VHDL.

So far so good,  once you can flash an LED there's not too much holding you back from there,  I seem to be OK on the VHDL side of things so far.

I guess once I get my confidence up with that I'll try adding Microblaze and get VHDL & Mircorblaze to share some registers or virual I/O.

At the moment I'm getting stuck on storing my program to the startup flash, and a few other bits and bobs owing to using the latest tool chain rather than the documented tool chain so I'll probably post some questions about that.    I'm hoping the FPGA experience isn't like what I see with the PLC guys where they have an entire virtual machine for every version of compiler tool-chain dating back years.

bye for now





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My name is Dom and I am a systems engineer for a Hydraulics company specialising in off road vehicle production and curious as to whether Digilent can communicate via CANbus over Ethernet.

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