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Welcome to the forum!  I have an Arty as well, and love it.  I'm very much an open source type, so you won't find me using any of the AXI peripherals and I tend to use the ZipCPU instead of MicroBlaze.  Still, you can find what I've done with it on GitHub if you'd like.

If you need any help getting your own IP up and running, I'd be glad to help out.


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My name is john.

I purchased the Analog Discovery 2 Maker Bundle and the BNC Adapter Board for the Analog Discovery.

while learning to use the Analog Discovery 2, I am working with a raspberry pi2 , 3, and a Parallella 18 processor board the all have multiple parallel output ports and it will be interesting to program and see the results with the Analog Discovery 2 and using the chipKIT Starter Kit to create my own projects.

I am retired and am a musician, ham radio licensed, do pencil art work, and astronomy with computers.

i also do open source programming in 30 + programming languages. (C/C++, Perl, python, ruby, java, javascript

etc... to mention a few)  It's great to find an excellent test equipment the does so much for an affordable price.


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upgrade isis to vivado and v5 to v7. do i wait for new zgyq boards or get pyyq or get 99 arty now for vivado/v7 intro? did vivado overview tutotial on ubuntu installed vivado. slowest 64 bit dual core ever. looking at lowend quad. assume all diligent products work on labview. comments

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Hi @brhack,

Welcome to the forums! Could you elaborate more on your thread. Not 100% sure what V5 or V7 is. Are you talking about Virtex 5 and Virtex 7? Or are you referring to Vivado 2015 and Vivado 2017? It depends on what you are looking to develop as well as what platform to what board you should get. If you are looking into Zynq there is the Arty-Z7, Zybo, Zedboard or the Pynq board. If you are looking for Artix 7 only then I would look at the Arty, Basys 3, Cmod A7, Nexys 4DDR or the Nexys Video.I believe all of these boards have a quad spi flash. I am not sure which if any of the fpga boards work with labview. I have reached out to a couple of my co-workers that will know more about the compatibility with labview( @AustinStanton, @JColvin).



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From my understanding at this point in time, none of the Digilent FPGA boards are compatible with LabVIEW. LabVIEW is able to interact with our microcontroller boards and our instrumentation line and we have VIs to go with them, but not for our FPGAs at this point in time.

Let us know if you have any more questions.


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最近ZYBO Z7-20のユーザになった日本人です。よろしくお願いします。



It is not automatically translated.
I am Japanese.
My weak point is English.
Recently I became a user of ZYBO Z7-20.
Thank you.
(Using Google translation)
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