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Arty sending UDP packets without any software


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This reply is not intended to circumvent a reply from Mike; I do hope that he answers your question. I do want to point out that the code provides a way for an FPGA board to send packets to any device with a compatible Ethernet port using an all HDL design without a MAC. I believe that he used his laptop to test the design. While this is a neat trick you should be thinking: "Wow I don't need a MAC to receive Ethernet packets". The other end is a bit more complicated and it's up to Mike to say why he chose to publish half of the problem. But if one considers what has been presented as nothing more than an encouragement for others to spend the time to learn about this stuff, then it stands up quite well as is. I might reiterate as a friendly suggestion that Mike consider being a bit more informative with his published work by including more than sparsely commented HDL. This is, of course, entirely his decision and the choice of content is his to make. Gifts should be received with gratitude.

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