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Error while building new application in PetaLinux




I am trying to create and install an application for Zynq using PetaLinux. I have created a new project as per ug980 and have created an app as per ug981. When I run 'petalinux-build -c rootfs/myapp' it fails with ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'rootfs/myapp'. I have not edited the source code. I am just trying to build myapp into the existing system image. Another observation is, when I built gpio-demo. It threw ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'rootfs/gpio-demo'. Close matches: gpio-demo. I am wondering what would have caused the error. 

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Hi @nardhini,

Here is a forum thread that has a similar error.  Digilent also has multiple Petalinux projects available on our link Petalinux Support for Digilent Boards. The readme files should also be very helpful. I have also reached out to a more experienced embedded linux engineer to see if they have additional input for this thread.

thank you,


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