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  1. I am using a SF3 Fram Pmod. The project originally used an Adafruit SPI Non-Volatile 8KByte FRAM breakout. However, the project needed a larger storage device and the SF3 was chosen. It appears the SP3 stores data is by doing a bitwise operation between the registers and the new message. Basically, each time a register is written to, the RAM does a bitwise AND operation with the previous value. When the erase command is sent, the registers are set to xFF, so any data can be written there, but when overwriting a previous value (other than xFF), the result may be different than expected. Example 1: Example 2 Example 2 shows the correct value because the ‘1’s line up. The Adafruit FRAM does not have this feature. Am I missing something? Is there a way to store changing data on the SF3 without having to erase an entire block before rewriting a single byte? Thanks in advance.
  2. rzsmi

    Pmod wifi SDK problem

    FYI, tried Linux as alternative and ran into a completely different set of problems. The make file had errors.
  3. rzsmi

    Pmod wifi SDK problem

    I am wondering if there is any update to this problem? Your link suggests the solution is to go Windows 7, which is not a viable solution. According to the global-build.log, 76 In file included from ./DEIPcK/utility/deIP.h:409:0, 77 from ../../../include/DEIPcK.h:64, 78 from DEIPcK/DEIPcK.cpp:54: 79 ./DEIPcK/utility/DHCP.h:216:25: error: flexible array member 'DHCPDG_T::options' not at end of 'struct DHCPMEM_T' 80 uint8_t options[]; // variable lenght options ends with the end opiton of 0xFF 88 In file included from ./DEIPcK/utility/deIP.h:404:0, 89 from ../../../include/DEIPcK.h:64, 90 from DEIPcK/DEIPcK.cpp:54: 91 ./DEIPcK/utility/HeapMgr.h:145:25: error: flexible array member 'SMGR_T::rgPages' not at end of 'struct DNSMEM_T' 92 PGID rgPages[]; Seems the problem occurs during the build. I can't see anything wrong with the flexible array element in either struct. I am coming to the conclusion that a user cannot fix this problem. The issue from my side is, your PmodWiFi is unusable and following the instructions from the YouTube video doesn't work. Is there any hope to get this problem fixed?
  4. I am getting starting with Vivado_HLS 2018.2 and the zyboZ7-20 board. When attempting to create a project I find no default setting for the zyboZ7-20 board in the Vivado HLS "Part Selection". What is the recipe for giving the zyboZ7-20 board information to Vivado HLS? I see there are some examples using Vivado, but none using Vivado HLS. Being new at this, step-by-step would be very helpful. Thanks
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