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  1. I am trying to set up a feedback control loop that the flow control valve can self-adjust based on the reading from the flowmeter once the desired flowrate is defined. I don't see that DAQami software can do this function since it is not programmable. So I am trying to use LabView to program this. I was wondering if MCC E-1608 can be used with LabView software. Would this be the same as using one of the USB modules from NI? Or are there any limitations to using LabView with MCC E-1608?
  2. In this case, do you recommend to get a separate module for the thermocouple? MCC USB-1608G Series: High-Speed Multifunction USB DAQ Devices - AI and DO channels MCC USB-TEMP and TC Series: Temperature and Voltage Measurement USB DAQ Devices USB-3104 - AO channels for current/voltage output
  3. Hi, I need to select the daq module for 10 Analog Inputs for pressure sensors (0-10V), 8 Analog outputs (control valves 4-20mA), 10 Digital outputs (solid state relays), and 4 thermocouples for temperature measurement. I wasn't sure if MCC USB-2416-4AO would work for this application. Also, I am short on AO channels with USB-2416-4AO unit. In this case, can I expand the AO channels using MCC USB-1208HS-4AO: High-Speed USB DAQ Device unit? Any recommendation? Thank you!
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