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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I am using a USBC-TC to read room temperature. I have one vi that reads 18.6C and another vi that reads 25C. They both are using the same ULx vis and read the temperature the same way. I can stop one vi and run the other vi without making any other changes, yet the vis read different temperatures. Any advice on the discrepancy is appreciated! The two block diagrams for each vi are also attached. Thank you kindly in advance!
  2. Hi, I need to use labview to program two USB1608gx. At the same time, two USB1608GX are needed to collect data together.Is it feasible to do so?   But there are no relevant examples in the MCC Knowledgebase.   Is there any important point I need focus on? How could I do it on labview? Thanks alot.
  3. Hello all Did anyone work with USB2020 DAQ (form Measurement Computing Corporation)? I want to know what software can be used to control USB2020 with sampling rate at 20MS/s/ch and then log data to local file afterwards? Can LabView do that? Thanks! Ke
  4. I’m working on replicating a project that was originally designed about 10 years ago. The project involves a USB-SSR08 which I have, and it was written in XP (but now on W10) so a lot of the VI’s aren’t working. I think some of it is that I don’t have ULx for LabVIEW installed. I’m getting this error when trying to install the software I found on your website, do you have any advice?
  5. I'm trying to use my PMD-1208LS personal measurement device in labview community 2022. Downloaded MCCDAQ.exe from measurement computers site. Running MCCDAQ.EXE and tried to load ULx driver. Get error "The wizzard was interupted before ULx for NI labview could be completely installed. Inscal32 works because can make top LED pulse twice. computer uses win 10 using labview community 2022 (free edition) Does anyone have ab idea. Thanks
  6. Is ULx functional on windows 11? I was doing work on a windows 10 machine and transitioned to a windows 11 machine, and now I can't see the ULx for NI Labview library in Labview. Is ULx only compatible with windows 10? I see this on the instcal readme file after installation, so I think I need to downgrade my machine to windows 10: Any thoughts? Thank you.
  7. Ok so no documentation for either Labview or MCC to help get Labview and the USB-2416 to talk. So introductory information would be helpful. What I know at this point. The ULx stuff won't work with Labview 2022. So I went back to Labview 2021 and it still didn't work with file that worked in the past on a different computer (attached). In MAX, the USB-2416 doesn't show up. If I run NI-VISA driver, it knows the board. I want to be able to run in Labview 2022 so are there other commands I can use to communicate with the USB-2416 when I can get Labview to talk with it at all? Greatly appreciate any help. USB-2408_LRI.llb
  8. Hello, I am trying to run the labview examples from MCC with USB-1024LS but the problem is that there are a few elements missing. I have attached the image with the missing vi-s from ULx library. I would appreciate if someone could let me know where to find the missing vi-s in the ULx library.
  9. Hi, Is it possible to communicate with an E-TC module (Ethernet) via Labview UDP or TCP protocol? The problem I am experiencing is that the device becomes unavailable for another user when using Labview with the universal Measurement Computing library (ULx for for NI Labview) Thanks for your help,
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