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  1. This microprocessor tutorial uses an SPDT relay so I am wondering if the Digilent Pmod would be appropriate to use? Thanks. The page URL: https://digilent.com/reference/learn/microprocessor/tutorials/relay-controlled-leds/start
  2. Thanks for your reply. I have emailed Greg Mason but no reply from him as yet. Maybe they are just giving the site a makeover as you implied. I hope so and I hope that Digilent will keep its own microprocessor tutorials up and running or at the very least archived because I, like some other members, refer to them often. (They are very interesting and valuable, by the way, well done).
  3. I was hoping to work through some of these interesting projects but I find the webpages are down and the link on the Diligent courses page to these tutorials has disappeared. Is this resource no longer available? If so, it would have been a matter of courtesy to give students a warning and maybe also a fix if they want to finish the course. I know Digilent no longer sells or supports this board, but there was a lot to learn here, with useful code and examples that could be ported to more recent boards.
  4. Can you advise what is the best way to bring an fpga project to market. For example I have a pmod rangefinder in conjunction with an ADC pmod hooked up to my spartan 6 fpga (Anvyl board) How do I now proceed to build a board with spartan 6 fpga chip, my pmods and several LEDs? My bitfile will no longer work because that was built around the Anvyl board constraints so how do I program a smaller prototype board to do this and where do I find such a board?
  5. M - I have only just seen your old post and am wondering if you made any progress with your spartan-3 projects or have you moved on? I am using spartan-6 on Digilent's Anvyl board. I also work with STM32 MCUs, currently the F1 series and nucleo-64 evaluation boards.
  6. Just to say thanks for leaving the Adept Runtime and Utils for Linux on the Adept Webpage as I am interested in putting Linux os/OpenRISC on my Spartan 6 -- usually this would be on the older Atlys board but I can probably get it working with my Anvyl board. Post scriptum: I shall migrate to an Arty board within the next couple of years ... or so -- please don't worry about me !
  7. Thanks James, I am using Anvyl but I find that examples for Atlys and other older boards can be easily ported. Glad they are still available to look at.
  8. Originally for the Atlys and Genesis boards I believe: The EDK reference design (available on the Digilent website) leverages our custom AC-97 pcore to accomplish several standard audio processing tasks such as recording and playing back audio data.
  9. Hi Everyone ! My background is software, also STM32 bare metal embedded programming in C with a splashing of Libopen-cm3 and FreeRTOS. I am now investigating what is possible in the world of FPGA. Is there any board support for the Anvyl in EDK as there is in Adept? I cannot find it although I also notice that Xilinx continues to support Spartan-6 in general. Can I, for example, choose a different board in EDK that uses a similar Spartan-6 chip such as the SP601 or SP605 Evaluation Board and tweak the settings? I would appreciate hearing from members who have experience with this dev board. Although a bit outdated now it is sufficient for my current purposes. I also have a question about the design of the board -- why all the capacitors on page 9 of the schematic surrounding the main chip? Are these all bypass capacitors to reduce noise? It's a bit of a mystery to me.
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