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Putting Microblaze on to Anvyl


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Hi Everyone !

My background is software, also STM32 bare metal embedded programming in C with a splashing of Libopen-cm3 and FreeRTOS.  I am now investigating what is possible in the world of FPGA.

Is there any board support for the Anvyl in EDK as there is in Adept?  I cannot find it although I also notice that Xilinx continues to support Spartan-6 in general.  Can I, for example, choose a different board in EDK that uses a similar Spartan-6 chip such as the SP601 or SP605 Evaluation Board and tweak the settings?  I would appreciate hearing from members who have experience with this dev board.  Although a bit outdated now it is sufficient for my current purposes.

I also have a question about the design of the board -- why all the capacitors on page 9 of the schematic surrounding the main chip?  Are these all bypass capacitors to reduce noise?  It's a bit of a mystery to me.

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