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tcp/ip select does not work




i have a new created petalinux project for the zynq processor (Arty-Z7-20). I'am not using a digilent bsp file to configure the project, because i have a simple selfmade design and i like to start with a minimalistic Linux. I like to support Linux pthread and sockets, thats all.

If i implement a tcp/ip Server and if i use the select Routine to wait for incomming data then the "select" Routine does not return, even if i receive data. In an other thread here in this Forum i discuss a similar issue. There i have a Problem with the "uio" Interrupt handling, because the blocking read does not return.

So i think, that these two different issues have the same reason. My Linux image is not able to generate Events which can Trigger the "select" Statement.

How can i enable the petalinux ability to handle "select"-commands?


Thank you...

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