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Zybo - Debugging with System Debugger (TCF)



Hello guys,

I followed this tutorial "Embedded linux on zybo" http://www.instructables.com/id/Embedded-Linux-Tutorial-Zybo/

and everything works like a charm, I compiled the linux kernel and u-boot from digilent github, as a next step I said i'll be debugging Linux C apps.

I'm trying hard to debug a linux application coded in xilinx SDK (2015.1) according to the follwoing two links:



what happens that when i try to press Debug, i got in the debug perspective .. "Target does not support Processes service"

Am i supposed to use different Linux kernel (i.e. Petalinux) or Am is supposed to use different uramdisk ?

Please let me know what am i missing???


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I solved that issue,

according to


and page 80 at this


the assumptions claim that you have "tcf-agent" running on target (i.e. zybo), the ramdisk i was using is the pre built one here


the ramdisk shipped with petalinux zynq releases has tcf-agent and you can use it along with whatever image you compiled previously


if you prefer building your TCF-agent from scratch, you may try this


Note that zynq machine is armv7l




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