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Petalinux /tftpboot directory not present




   I saw here that after the build process i need to get a /tftpboot directory from where i can get the kernel image, rootfile system and dtb file. I use PetaLinux 2017.2 (last version).

I also config petalinux to copy final images to tftpboot(pic). 

It is possible to have been changed the build petalinux structure on last version ?

I also run for this folder but i could not find it.

sudo find  / -type d -iname "tftpboot"

Any idea?





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Hi @mihai5,

If you are up to date with your tools, then you should check <dir-of-your-project>/images/linux. The link that you provided says that the files you are looking for are found in the /tftpboot directory as well as this images/linux directory. These are just copies of each other. If it isn't important that you find the files you are looking for in /tftpboot, then you should look in the <dir-of-your-project>/images/linux directory.


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