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SDSoC video processing platform


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Hello everyone!

Finally I end my degree final project and I obtain a good mark (9.4/10)

I have been working on this project 1 year more less.


Summarizing this project... This project is based on HDMI IN SDSoC project from digilent GitHub (you can read this in the readme in my GitHub). I have increased this project with a JPEG encoder, new image filters and plugin architecture to develop new filters without have to write in the internal code.

In this link, you obtain all the files and you can read about my DFP. I'm sorry but the memory is in Spanish.

This system have a good performance with the plugin architecture (38.82 FPS with 1920x1080 images).

If you want to do somethig cool with this project, the next step would be put Linux OS.

I have learned a lot in this forum!


Regards, Raúl.

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