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OpenSSL for Petalinux

Rainer Urian


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Hi @Rainer Urian,

While i am not very experienced with embedded linux and have not used OpenSSL. Here is the petalinux tools reference guide for 2016.4 and on page 8-9 it describes the libraries available and how to install them.  Let us know if this fixes the issue if not I can reach out to a more experienced embedded Linux engineer.



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Hi jpeyron,

I think you misunderstood me. 

In this document are the libs stated which are necessary for the Petalinux toolchain.

The Toolchain needs Openssl too (I have no clue why)

What I want is to use the OpenSSL application and its associated crypto libraries on the Zybo.

BR, Rainer


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Probably yes, but as I Have not try this, I do not know what obstacles there are.

On the other hand, OpenSSL is still part of the Petalinux distribution and it has configuration items in the roofs configuration file. But I wonder why there is no menu item visible for OpenSSL when I start the configurator by

Petalinux-config -c rootfs



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We haven't made the jump to petalinux 2016.4 yet, mainly because it has significant changes. The changes are actually a huge positive and I'm excited that they finally tied it together with yocto in a useful way, but it will take us some time to port our existing materials and learn the new processes required.

What this means is I don't have much experience in 2016.4 and don't have it working on my system, so I can't get you a quick answer. What happens when you do a search for ssl (or SSL) from the rootfs menuconfig? I think you can activate the search by hitting either the '/' key or '?'. That would be my first move...

I poked around a (non-working) install of petalinux I found on a VM and it looks like there are recipes included for openssl in the poky distribution. Unfortunately I don't know for certain how to get at those layers from the petalinux rootfs menuconfig. I also found something called wolfssl, which is an openssl alternative... have you tried using that?

I was also gonna suggest you post on the Xilinx forum, but I saw you already did :). It seems they suggest that you have to hack the petalinux install in order to do this, which doesn't seem right to me... I'm gonna follow-up there.


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