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Petalinux build fails

Rainer Urian



I am using Petalinux 2016.4 on Ubuntu 16.04.

When I use Petalinux-build  I get a list of errors, all similar to the following excerpt:

ERROR: u-boot-xlnx-v2016.07-xilinx+gitAUTOINC+0b94ce5ed4-r0 do_package_write_rpm_setscene: Error executing a python function in exec_python_func() autogenerated:

The stack trace of python calls that resulted in this exception/failure was:
File: 'exec_python_func() autogenerated', lineno: 2, function: <module>
 *** 0002:do_package_write_rpm_setscene(d)
File: '/opt/Xilinx/petalinux/2016.4/components/yocto/source/arm/layers/poky/meta/classes/package_rpm.bbclass', lineno: 757, function: do_package_write_rpm_setscene
     0753:# but we need to stop the rootfs/solver from running while we do...
     0754:do_package_write_rpm[sstate-lockfile-shared] += "${DEPLOY_DIR_RPM}/rpm.lock"
     0756:python do_package_write_rpm_setscene () {
 *** 0757:    sstate_setscene(d)
     0759:addtask do_package_write_rpm_setscene
     0761:python do_package_write_rpm () {
File: '/opt/Xilinx/petalinux/2016.4/components/yocto/source/arm/layers/poky/meta/classes/sstate.bbclass', lineno: 648, function: sstate_setscene
     0644:            break
     0646:def sstate_setscene(d):
     0647:    shared_state = sstate_state_fromvars(d)
 *** 0648:    accelerate = sstate_installpkg(shared_state, d)
     0649:    if not accelerate:
     0650:        raise bb.build.FuncFailed("No suitable staging package found")
     0652:python sstate_task_prefunc () {
File: '/opt/Xilinx/petalinux/2016.4/components/yocto/source/arm/layers/poky/meta/classes/sstate.bbclass', lineno: 319, function: sstate_installpkg
     0315:        bb.build.exec_func(f, d, (sstateinst,))
     0317:    for state in ss['dirs']:
     0318:        prepdir(state[1])
 *** 0319:        os.rename(sstateinst + state[0], state[1])
     0320:    sstate_install(ss, d)
     0322:    for plain in ss['plaindirs']:
     0323:        workdir = d.getVar('WORKDIR', True)
Exception: OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory


Does anyone have an idea what could cause that problem?

Some hints on how to debug that problem would also be very helpful.


Thank you,





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After hours of debugging and reconfiguration and nearly killing my Ubuntu Linux system, I finally spotted the problem:

When doing a virgin clean creation with  petalinux-create --template zynq and a petalinux-config

the following fields in "Yocto Settings " are automatically filled by the petalinux toolchain:

  • Enable Network sstate feeds (NEW)   = TRUE
  • Network sstate feeds URL  ---> │http://petalinux.xilinx.com/sswreleases/rel-v2016.4/arm/sstate-cache

Unfortunately, the mentioned URL no longer exists and this is presumably the root cause of my error.

By setting Enable Network sstate feeds (NEW)   = FALSE , the error disappeared.






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