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Not Receiving Packets in Echo Server example in Nexys 4 DDR - Getting Started with Microblaze Servers



I was trying to run echo server example provided on digilent official website. The validation of block diagram is successful also HDL wrapper is successfully generated. Bit file generation is also completed and succefully exported to SDK without error, but while testing program on hardware it do not show any reception of packets. when we ping board status seems to be connected but console window in SDK do not show any details about connection. what are possible causes for error and solutions.

console status:


ping status:


it should be like this:










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Have you examined what is going on with wireshark?  I find that tool to be extremely helpful.  You can use it to capture and flag all of the packets going to and from your device, and should therefore be able to check manually and see what your problem is.  Without more information, the problem could be that you aren't sending packets to the echo server (no packets to the server would show up in wireshark), that the packets are getting to the echo server but no return packets are coming back, that the packets are coming back malformed, or perhaps just that the packets are getting ignored somehow by your development system.  Wireshark will be able to help you analyze which of those problems is taking place.


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Hi @imran_123,

I just went through the tutorial through section 13 with no issues. Try not using the console on the SDK. So skip section 12 and instead use a serial terminal like terra term. Once you have got the serial terminal connected to the com port then right click on the application and run as-> launch on hardware(system debugger). Let me know if you are able to get it to print out in the serial terminal. I have attached some screen shots and my project(vivado 2016.4) below.






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