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Petalinux crash when reprogramming FPGA?



Hello guys,

I'm working with Zybo SoC right now and I have a few questions which I couldn't find the answer anywhere.
I am using petalinux in the card with the .bsp from digilent website (Petalinux 2014.2 Board Support Package). The thing is, I want to change/reprogram the PL many times but I want to do it from the Linux, e.g. using C program and configuration port /dev/xdevcfg. Is it possible to do it?
When I use a command shell "cat <file-name>.bit > /dev/xdevcfg", I could reprogram the FPGA and I can see the result but I lost the control of the Linux. I couldn't access to the ARM via hyperterminal. Do you have any idea what cause this problem? Is that means when I reprogram the PL, I lose the PS part of the FPGA?
Thank you very much for your response


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Make sure that you are instantiating the Processing system in your new PL design. Apparently not doing so will cause xdevcfg to lock up, according to this Xilinx post:
See if that solves the problem, and if not, then could be that Linux is trying to access an address in the PL that no longer exists. I suppose that by programming the FPGA you are damaging the Linux. This is because although Linux runs on the dual core ARM processor part of Zynq, is still relies on PL side of Zynq for some tasks (like for example HDMI driver, when running Linaro).
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Hi Cristian,


Thank you very much for your suggestion. Apparently, when we want to reprogram the PL part, we need to make a project in vivado, thus including PS part, with AXI interconnect. Not doing so will cause a crash in Linux, although the PL function you want to install will work in the board.


I reprogrammed the FPGA successfully after including the PS part in Vivado project

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