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Testing echo server DHCP timeout




I want to utilize sdk to test echo server lwip,fpga program and run configration are done.However,in console,there are some lines make me confused.


-----lwIP TCP echo server ------
TCP packets sent to port 6001 will be echoed back
link speed: 1000
DHCP Timeout
Configuring default IP of
Board IP:
Netmask :
Gateway :
TCP echo server started @ port 7


When I ping the board on PC,it displays "can't access the destination host"

My board is Zybo.The hardware been built in vivado 2014.3.1 is a Zynq7 System Processing Core.What makes wrongs?



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i have the same problem, i don't understand why my board can't be configured with an ip adress (not the default one after timeout) !

when i power off my board and run the program again it works fine ! i thought it 's a cahe problem , but when i debugged my code 

i found that my cache memory is flushed correctly thanks to this function call  ! :

                        Xil_DCacheFlushRange((UINTPTR)q->payload, (UINTPTR)q->len);

i tried also to flush all the cache memory  using


but nothing resolved my problem ! i also disabled the cache ,  unfortunately it dosen't work 

please help ! 

Thank you 


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