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Operating temperature of the Zybo board



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For both the Zynq 7010 and Zynq 7020 commercial grade devices, the maximum operating frequency is 85C (page 23 in here). The Zybo has a Zynq 7010 while the Zedboard and the Pynq have a Zynq 7020.


My experience while operating with the Zybo and with Parallella (Zynq 7020) is that they work fine under ambient temperatures of 40C. Never tried above that. Anyway, since the Zynq 7020 (in Parallella) heats a lot more when compared with the Zynq 7010, I have set an alarm for whenever the operating temperature of the chip is above 70C and automatically a fan starts spinning. On the other hand, Zynq 7010 (in Zybo) heats a lot less.


EDIT: The operating temperature depends a lot on the amount of computation that is being done, specially in the PL part of the Zynq

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