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CAD Files for Multiple PMOD

Sleepy Engineer


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Hi @Sleepy Engineer,

I was able to locate and upload the STP files for the Pmod ACL2, CMPS2, CON3, and MAXSONAR. They are available for download on the right hand side of their linked Resource Centers underneath the Documentation section.

I asked to see if 3D models could be created for the remaining 3 Pmods (CAN, ToF, and ESP32). I hope to get the models of those to share within the next few weeks, though if the end of May comes around and I still haven't received the models, the likely reality is that those models will never get created.

I can manually get some measurements/part numbers for individual components with digital calipers for those three Pmods if that would be helpful to you.


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Hi @JColvin

Thank you so much for your assistance. The additional models would be very helpful, but if you can't the following measurements denoted with a ? would be a big help. Basically, I am try to make trays to mount them and hold them in place. I did find some measurements on their pages. I am including them here in case someone else is in my situation. Are widths on the pmod resource pages for the board or the whole unit?

pmod CAN:

  • Width 1.4 in (3.556 cm)
  • Length 1.8 in (4.572 cm)
  • Max Height (bottom of board to highest component OR board width and tallest component height) ?
  • clearance between DB9 and board or is it flush with the board?
  • distance DB9 sticks out ?
  • distance PMod pins stick out ?

pmod ToF (imagine you are trying to put this in a box and need the sensors to be usable)

  • Width 0.8 in (2.032 cm)
  • Length 1.6 in (4.064 cm)
  • Max Height (bottom of board to highest component OR board width and tallest component height) ?
  • diameter of LD1 and D1 ?
  • Distance to bottom of LD1 and D1 from an edge (pick one as a reference and I can work off that) ? ?

pmod ESP32

  • Width 0.80 in (2.03 cm) - Does this include the antenna? If not, how far does the antenna stick out? antenna width?
  • Length 2.0 in (5.08 cm)
  • Max Height (bottom of board to highest component OR board width and tallest component height) ?

Thank you again!



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Hi @Sleepy Engineer,

Keep in mind that despite my title on this site and my confidence that my measurements are reasonably correct, all of the following measurements were made by made by some engineer who just happened to have access to calipers and the individual Pmods, not actual dimensions pulled from design files that I don't have access to.

On all Pmods, the header pins to connect to the host device stick out 6.0 mm from the edge of the board.

In terms of your specific questions, I will switch between measurement systems depending on if a result is clearly an intentional value:

Pmod CAN:

  • PCB Width = 1.4 inch
  • PCB Length = 1.8 inch
  • Height from bottom of PCB to peak height of DB9 connector = 14.0 mm
  • Height from lowest through-hole pin to peak height of DB9 connector = 6.425 inch / 16.32 mm
  • DB9 connector is flush with the PCB
  • DB9 connector extends out 6.5 mm beyond the PCB edge

Pmod ToF:

  • Width 0.8 in
  • Length 1.6 in
  • Height bottom of through hole pin to peak of the sensor: 0.52 inches
  • diameter of LD1 and D1: 6.5 mm
  • Center of LD1 to long edge of the board: 0.4 inch
  • Center of LD1 to the Pmod host port PCB edge: 10.0 mm
  • Center of LD1 to edge of D1: 10.0 mm

Pmod ESP32:

  • Width of PCB on host port side: 0.80 inch
  • Width of PCB on antenna side: 21.95 mm (antenna is narrower than the PCB)
  • Length of PCB: 1.98 inches
  • Distance antenna extends beyond the edge of the PCB: 0.25 inches
  • Height of the four J4 pins from the top of the PCB: 8.5 mm
  • Height of the tallest component on the underside of the PCB: 1.5 mm
  • Thickness of the PCB: 0.0625 inches (1/16th inch)

Let me know if you have any questions.


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