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Which option in Vivado for Nexis-100T's S25FL128SAG Flash ram?



Hi all, have the eval board Digilent NEXIS A7-100T with a flash ram S25FL128SAG. How to know to which variant in Vivado "Tools" ¦ "Generate configuration memory file" ¦ "Select Configuration Memory Part" this corresponds? any help is most appreciated, thanks.


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Hi @Dniel.Schmid,

This will correspond to the line item of s25fl128sxxxxxx0-spi-x1_x2_x4


The correct part is noted in the Reference Manual, https://digilent.com/reference/programmable-logic/nexys-a7/reference-manual#quad-spi_flash, but it looks like the callout for what to select in Vivado has not been updated to the names that Vivado now uses. I see about updating that.

Otherwise, what I would personally do if you can't find a listed Manufacturer in the dropdown by looking up the part's official datasheet (as is the case for the S25FL128SAG since Cypress bought Spansion and apparently somewhat recently Infineon acquired both Spansion and Cypress) would be to simply start typing the letters of the module in the search bar to see what comes up to help narrow down your results.


Or just do what you did and get a reply from a representative of Digilent.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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