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DASYLab 2022 not loading Python scripted modules from 2016 version



A previous employee created Psychrometric modules in Python using CoolProp.

We recently upgraded from 2016 (Full Version) to 2022 (Full Version).

Since the upgrade we are not able to run these worksheets and desperately need to.

We have a brief tutorial left by previous employee, on how to install CoolProp files into 'site-packages' folder, and (2) additional .dlp self extracting files that install files.

Once these 'CoolProp' files are copied into the 'site-packages' folder and .dlp files are extracted, they are Enabled in configurator.

However, popup errors are received upon startup of DASYLab and listed in the console as well???

I have no formal Python training and very little programming background, but need to figure out how to fix this so we can resume testing our products.




DASYLab Load Errors.jpg

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DASYLab 2016 & 2020 use Python 2.7. However, DASYLab 2022 switched to using Python 3.9.6 because Python 2.7 is no longer maintained. Can you try the following: 

1.  Download CoolProp-6.6.0-cp39-cp39-win32.whl from https://pypi.org/project/CoolProp/#files to C:\Scripting\

2. Update PIP in the DASYLab folder by doing the following:

Open a CMD window as Administrator (type CMD in the search box, then right-mouse Command Prompt, and select "Run as Administrator").

Change the directory to the DASYLab Python folder: cd C:\Program Files (x86)\DASYLab 2022.1_en\python

Run the following command: python -mpip install --upgrade pip

3. Install CoolProp using the following command: python -m pip install c:\scripting\coolprop-6.6.0-cp39-cp39-win32.whl

Follow the steps the previous employee had left for installing the script package.

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Appreciate your follow up.

However, after following the instructions to update PIP in DASYLab, still receiving the same errors.

Is there a way to reverse engineer DASYLab packages or extract python scripting from them?


According to DASYLab help contents regarding python:

"Script module: Migration of Python 2 to Python 3

With DASYLab 2022, Python 3 is the basis for the script module first introduced in DASYLab 13. While the change from Python 2.6.5 in DASYLab 13 to Python 2.7.10 in DASYLab 14/2016 required no or only minor changes, the big step from Python 2 to Python 3 in DASYLab 2022 (3.9.6) means that worksheets of earlier DASYLab versions have to be revised with Python 2 script modules.

You will receive a warning, if you load a worksheet, created with DASYLab 2020 (and earlier), with at least one Python 2 script module in DASYLab 2022. You can proceed, but a working script module and thus a working worksheet cannot be guaranteed due to the changes from Python 2 to Python 3."


Prior to Digilent, Measurement Computing had a tech support hotline. Talking to a person and working through technical issues in real time was very helpful instead of typing extensively detailed technical questions and waiting for a random response.

Do you have a helpline or is there anyone available to speak thru a conference call while including our IT department?


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 The tech support hotline was taken down more than a year ago. 

I looked into the DASYLab 2022 Python script module, and it appears to have a problem loading modules such as CoolProp and others such as Numpy and Scipy, which are widely used. The modules have no problem installing into DASYLab's Python environment; it is just that the Script module crashes when trying to load them via the Python code file (script). As soon as there is more information, I will update this thread. In the meantime, if you have the CoolProp .whl package for Python 2.7, you could use DASYLab 2020 instead.  Use your DASYLab 2022 serial number to activate it.

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