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How to transfer files over network via tftp/sftp to Z7 board on PETA LINUX ?



How to transfer files to Z7 board on network via tftp/sftp? what configurations have to be done on petalinux to enable remote file transfer to Z7 board from a remote ubuntu pc. Any reference to the steps which have to be followed?

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@ManiS Hi,

TFTP Is used by u-boot to fetch files during boot. So you have to have a network access from board to your TFTP server.
doc: https://docs.xilinx.com/r/en-US/ug1144-petalinux-tools-reference-guide/Booting-PetaLinux-Image-on-Hardware-with-TFTP

In addition to this as long as u-boot is booted and you have ethernet available in u-boot you can boot from TFTP. It's not mandatory to boot form JTAG.

       For sftp which I presume is what you are actually interested in, you usually need either scp or rsync on your host.
      If you can access the board with ssh you most likely can copy file to and from board

In bash (eg. using scp):

Copy from board to your host
scp user@board_ip:/path/on/board/file .

Copy from host to your board
scp /path/to/file user@board_ip:/path/on/board/for/file/

man scp #for additional info
To find board_ip use ip a command on UART over USB connection.

In linux sftp can also be mounted as a volume by most file explorers and then you can copy files using a GUI.

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