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Tracer DAQ Pro: DAQ Hardware settings not accessible




After reinstalling TracerDAQ to resolve a problem of the strip chart not opening, the strip chart opens but will not run due to "DAQ configuration settings contain invalid entries".

Further information:

The DAQ Hardware settings opens. All DAQ device and DAQ Selection Filter columns appear in red text that cannot be edited or toggled.

Hovering the mouse over this red text generates a pop-up which states "No device detected in your current hardware configuration." If this error is a result of recent changes to your hardware, run Instacal.

There have been no hardware changes.

Running Instacal shows the USB is attached and the analog tests show this device is functioning and responding appropriately.

Please assist by:

Providing a solution to get TracerDAQ to see the USB that Instacal sees and go back to how TracerDAQ was operating before the stripchart issue that required a reinstall to resolve.


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Please run InstaCal with your device attached before starting TracerDAQ. This is because it reads InstaCal's configuration file to determine available devices. InstaCal saves its configuration when it exits, so you also want to make sure it's closed before starting TracerDAQ.

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