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USB-1408FS Power Supply Issue on Windows 11

Tamar Wygodny



I am writing to address an issue I am experiencing with my USB-1408FS device. Although my computer, running Windows 11, recognizes the connection, the power supply ceases after approximately 10 seconds, indicated by the LED turns off. Despite attempting various methods to enable the power supplement via device manager, BIOS and other settings regarding USB power supplement in my computer , I have been unsuccessful.

Interestingly, when I connected the device to a different computer running Windows 7, the LED remained on without any issues.

I already tried using different devices, different cables and different computers.

Could you please advise on a possible solution to connect the USB-1408FS to Windows 11? Perhaps there is a specific driver I can download to resolve this matter? It's important to note that I primarily work with LabVIEW, and I prefer not to download DASYLab in addition, or other program that needs to be paid for.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sincerely, Tamar Wygodny

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First, could you check InstaCal's version number? Because you use Windows 11, you must have version 6.72 or newer. Next, the USB-1408FS is what we call an HID device. HID is the Windows human interface driver and is what we use to control it. Starting with Windows 8.1, power is removed from HID devices to save energy. This is fine for keyboards and mice, but it causes problems with a few of our devices. To remedy this, we created HIDRegUpdater.exe. It is located in \Program Files (x86)\Measurement Computing\DAQ\. It should have run automatically when you ran InstaCal. You can just run it and make sure the device has been updated.

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