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How to operate USB-1608G analog output in differential and single-ended mode simultaneously w/ DAQami?



Does MC Computing USB-1608G operate in differential and single-ended modes simultaneously using DAQami v4.2.1f0?

For example, I want to get analog output from CH4H and CH4L (differential) and analog output from CH2 (single-ended) at the same time.

According to the DAQami data sheet (pg.2), I should be able to configure individual channel modes in channel settings.

However, I am unable to view 'Channel Mode' in channel settings (see AnalogInput.JPG). 


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2 hours ago, JRys said:

The USB-1608G series devices do not allow the input mode to be set on a per-channel basis.  It's all one way or the other, so the mode selection is on the Device tab, not the Channels.

Do you know of any MC Computing DAQ with same capabilities of USB-1608G and also allow the input mode to be set on a per-channel basis?

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