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Configuration of MCC USB-1808X device through microcontroller

Sandeep Anand



We are planning to start a project using MCC USB-1808X DAQ. For that we need the following clarifications,

1. We understands the configuration of MCC USB-1808X device can be done through DASYLab. Is it possible to do the same or change the configuration of DAQ through any embedded system based ARM processors without DASYLab ?

2. What is the data format (payload / packet order) of the configuration file to write to the  DAQ ?

3. Whether the configuration will change if the DAQ goes through power cycle ?

Thanks & Regards,




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We have programming support for Windows or Linux applications only. I have no documentation that explains how to use it with a microcontroller. However, you could use our UL for the Linux driver if you can run a compatible version of Linux, like Ubuntu, on the microcontroller. 

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