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ULx Pulse Train for MC 1808x



I'm attempting to generate a pulse train using the ULx drivers for MC-1808x daq device. I've confirmed this device has counter output terminals. Following the shipping example (.\LabVIEW 2021\examples\ULx\Counter\Generate Pulse.llb\ULx Gen Dig Pulse Train-Continuous.vi--image of source code below), I am unable to make this work. The driver calls look very much like DAQmx driver calls and I'm able to generate the pulse train as expected (additional image of implementation attached). I see a stark difference between the ULx shipping example and the DAQmx example--notably via DAQmx, you need to wire the output terminal post channel creation while via ULx this isn't even an option. 

Has anyone ever successfully generated a pulse train with ULx and can provide some insight here?



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