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External Trigger or Trigger Input




I am using a MCC USB 1808X along with DASYLAB for data acquisition.

What I want to do is to start capturing / writing data at 100 kHz to hard disk when an EXTERNAL trigger is received by the USB 1808X and stop collecting  / writing data after a predefined time, say 20 milli second.


DASYLAB has many options to trigger but all of them rely on the certain criterion of the value of one of the channels.  In contrast I have an external trigger signal that I want to use with ITRIG terminal available on USB 1808X.  A quick response will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks much. 

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The Analog Input configuration panel has two buttons - Hardware & Measurement. To enable external TTL trigger support, select the Hardware button->Trigger tab, and enable the Basic trigger. On the Setting tab, change the acquisition mode to N samples and enable rearm. These changes will allow you to configure DASYLab to capture a finite number of samples. However, DASYLab is meant for continuous data flow so you may find that nothing happens in between triggers. 


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