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  1. Hello, I am using a MCC USB 1808X along with DASYLAB for data acquisition. What I want to do is to start capturing / writing data at 100 kHz to hard disk when an EXTERNAL trigger is received by the USB 1808X and stop collecting / writing data after a predefined time, say 20 milli second. DASYLAB has many options to trigger but all of them rely on the certain criterion of the value of one of the channels. In contrast I have an external trigger signal that I want to use with ITRIG terminal available on USB 1808X. A quick response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.
  2. Hello Fausto, I followed the description described in DASYLab-Tech3.pdf and was successful in automatically creating file name based on date and time. The note also described a method to close and reopen the file under new name at midnight. I used the guidance provided there and added Timebase module with Time base set to per minute. What Dasylab did was that it creates a blank file every minute and only second file has the entire data. What I want to do is to have data acquired in last one minute written to the file at the end of minute. How can that be done? Vibration-Oct2023-V1.DSB
  3. I want to automatically name file for storing data using Write module in Dasylab. it allows using system strings to define file name such as ${DATE} or ${TIME}. I want to include both date and time in my file name. How can that be done ? Thanks much.
  4. 1. MCC USB 1808X is a 18 bit DAQ with +/-5 or +/- 10 V input. This should give me a resolution of 38 or 76 micro Volt resolution. Data captured via Dasylab has only 0.01 V (10 mV) resolution. Is there some place in Dasylab where the user specifies / selects the resolution? 2. What is the largest file size that is allowed by Files/Write Data module? The concern is that the due to time duration of data acquisition, number of channels and sampling rate, we will exceed the 2 GB limit of 32 bit app. Assuming a slight delay in opening a new file is acceptable, one work around could be to close the file before the file size upper limit and open a new file. Is this feasible? How can this be done? 3. I notice that Dasylab creates a blank file name on the disk for data but does not write the data until the <Stop> is executed. How can one force Dasylab to write the data to disk as it is acquired? Thanks much.
  5. 1. The Measurement Setup shows the current sampling set to 1000 Hz, but does not offer a way to change it. See attached screen capture of the dialog boxes. 2. What is meant by 100 samples/block? 3. Text format (ASCII) files are larger and slower. There are several other formats available including (a) DasyLab, (b) NI TDM, (c) NI TDM Streaming, (d) IEEE xx bit, (e) Famos. Which of these formats are binary and which one would you recommend using if the objective is to write data to disk in real time? After acquisition is complete, how to convert the binary data to ASCII off line? Thanks much.
  6. Due to larger channel count, I have to run a test with 3 MCC USB 1808X modules. Does single license of Dasylab supports the configuration with multiple USB modules? How to display multiple analog inputs on a single Y-t display chart? The USB 1808X is capable of 200 kHz sampling rate with all 8 analog input channels sampled at the same time. The Dasylab Measurement setup under A/D does not have sampling rate faster than 20 kHz. In Dasylab how to increase the sampling rate past the 20 kHz? In Dasylab how to enable simultaneous sampling of multiple analog inputs? What data transfer rate is supported by Dasylab when streaming to the disk? How is the streaming handled by Dasylab when you have multiple USB 1808X on the same computer? Thanks much.
  7. When installing the MCC Package in Configurator, the system responds "Please install Universal Library before installing this package". Where is the Universal Library for MCC located and how to install it? Thanks much.
  8. Hello, We have recently acquired one license of Dasylab Pro. What I want to do is to develop the graphical worksheets on my desktop PC at my desk and deploy the worksheet on the laptop in the lab. At any given time only the office desktop or the lab laptop will be using the license. Is this way of use permissible within the Dasylab license? Thanks much.
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