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IOtech Personal DAQ/55 for windows 10

Roger Lo


Hi everyone,

Our customer would like to use the IOTECH personal DAQ/55 on windows 10.

Due to the EOL DAQ/55, 

I would like to confirm:

1. Could the DAQ/55 install its original driver on windows 10?


2. There is a disc within the DAQ/55. The software is included.

Is it also compatible for windows 10?

If no, could the current DAQami or the current QUickDAQ be compatible with DAQ/55?


Thank you

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There is no Windows 10 or 11 support. In 2009, IOtech released the final version with Windows 7 support. There was a minor update for Windows 7 64-bit in 2011, but nothing since. Many customers, however, ignore this fact and have made it work with Windows 10. The PersonalDaq/55 was EOL two years ago. There's no CD. You can download Personal DaqView here

QuickDAQ and DAQami will not recognize the PersonalDaq/55. Instead, we recommend using the USB-2408 with DAQami to replace the PersonalDaq series.


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