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Zmod Eclypse Z7 XDC




I downloaded the XDC file from the following location:


I see contradictions between the file and the schematics of the board.

I downloaded a reference design which includes the PS (pod-adc-ltc2264).

From the XDC file of the design there is a pin B7 for adc_out1_p which do not appear in the above file.

I took the design because I didn't find any other reference design which include a PS configuration (DDR, flash and other ports).

Also, as I understand the ZMOD ADC include one ADC but the outputs from ADC A are not connected and instead the outputs from both ADC's are multiplexed as function of DCO state from ADC B




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What are the contradictions you are refering to ? Is it between Digilent's XDC and board schematics or between Digilent's XDC and the XDC from the design you downloaded ?

Where does the design you downloaded come from ?

I have customized the Digilent's XDC file myself for a project and I used the schematics to do so. Both ADC and DAC zmods are working fine and I encountered no contradiction at all between XDC file and schematics.

If you can tell exactly what signals (with the zmod IP signal name) are giving you trouble, maybe I can help.


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Hi @OmerKv,

Assuming you are using an Opal Kelly SZG-ADC-LTC2264 pod, Digilent doesn't provide example designs for it for the Eclypse, which means that you'd need to port an example design targeting another board (probably some Opal Kelly board) to Eclypse. I would expect that the B7 pin you are looking at is for a demo targeting another board, where the physical pin connections between various peripherals and the FPGA could be different. B7 is likely connected to some pin of the other host board's Syzygy connector. You need to compare the pin locations for the Eclypse and for the other host board, and modify the example design constraints so that the design's ports connect to the physical pin locations for the Eclypse.

There could be other issues that come up as you port the design as well, for example, if the example design includes a Zynq PS configuration, you'd need to make sure to use relevant settings from the Eclypse Zynq preset as well as any relevant settings from the example configuration. Clocking architecture and various other things might also differ, depending on the feature sets of the two boards.



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